WGM pic 1The Wisconsin Guild of Midwives (WGM) is the professional organization for Licensed Midwives in the state, who undergo specialized clinical training to provide out-of-hospital maternity care for families planning to deliver in private homes and free standing birth centers. General membership is open to licensed midwives, student midwives, and other practitioners providing maternity care to women and their families in an out of hospital setting.

The Wisconsin Guild of Midwives supports the right of every family to have access to maternity care with a skilled and licensed midwife. It is our position that licensed midwives represent the goals of best practice for safe care and should be available to all women who seek maternity care in the state of Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Guild of Midwives works to advance women’s health status by:

  • Expanding communication and building support among Wisconsin licensed midwives
  • Promoting licensed midwives as quality maternity health care providers for women and their families
  • Promoting research and information in the field of midwifery care
  • Establishing channels of communication between licensed midwives and other professional and consumer groups concerned with the health of women and their families in maternity care