Interviewing a Midwife

WGM pic 10Choosing a midwife is an important decision. Here are some sample questions to use when interviewing a midwife:

  1. How was she trained? Is she licensed/certified?
  2. What is her experience? How many births has she attended as a primary midwife? Is she trained in neonatal resuscitation?
  3. What do her services include? How often does she schedule prenatal appointments? Does she schedule home visits? What does her typical postpartum care include?
  4. What are her fees? What is her fee schedule? Does she accept insurance?
  5. Does she work alone, with a partner, or with assistants?
  6. Does she limit the number of births she attends each month?
  7. Who covers the practice if she is attending another birth or while she is on vacation?
  8. How can you reach her?
  9. What experience does she have with complications?
  10. What equipment does she bring to births? Oxygen? Medications for hemorrhage?
  11. Does she have a relationship with a consulting physician?
  12. What is her emergency plan?
  13. What is her philosophy of care? Why is she a midwife?

Adapted from Heart and Hands: A Midwife’s Guide to Pregnancy and Birth by Elizabeth Davis