Standing Committees

Education committee: The committee works to educate midwives through continuing education workshops as well as reach out to new members and the broad public about midwives. 

Finance & Development committee: The committee works to fundraise and creatively spread awareness about the Guild in the state. 

Incident Review Committee (IRC): The IRC responds to complaints filed with the WGM from consumers, other health care providers, and the public; the committee reviews self-reported cases that fall within certain defined parameters, and provides a venue for midwives to request a formal review by peers when a complaint has been made to the Department of Safety and Professional Services. 

Social Justice committee: The committee works to partner with the community and general membership to support social justice issues and projects, especially in communities where there are clear health disparities. 

Student committee: The committee works to promote the role of students in the Guild and to be a safe space for students to discuss issues and concerns that arise as students in a unique field.